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If you want to go to Africa, use Town & Country Travel

Tom and Lisa Miller

Jane and Heidi,

I understand that when trying to improve and build a business that accolades are nice, but constructive criticism is far more valuable. Lisa and I have been racking our brains trying to come up with a few suggestions that might help.  So far we have come up with zilch. WE had a phenomenal trip, and have told all our friends that if they ever want to go to Africa make sure to use Town and Country Travel.

Wishing you happy travels,

Tom & Lisa Miller

An excerpt from Lisa’s blog (  ):

I did a great deal of research before deciding to use Town and Country Travel as our travel agent for what I thought would be our first and only trip to Africa.  I loved the owner Jane Lee Winter’s knowledge and enthusiasm.  It didn’t hurt that she had previously led over 20 groups on safari over as many years.  Not knowing what to expect when traveling to “deepest, darkest Africa” having Jane Lee traveling with us, holding our hands and guiding us made me feel more secure.  Friends had also traveled with her and highly recommended that we choose T & C.  Expensive?  Perhaps.  But since it was all inclusive, maybe not so expensive after all.  Worth every penny?  Absolutely!  Would we travel with her again?  In a heartbeat!  Will we use Town and Country to organize future trips?  That’s the plan!  I couldn’t imagine a more professional group of people to organize our travel. I typically don’t include these types of endorsements in my blog, but T & C did such a wonderful job that they deserve the extra recognition.


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