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A Passage of a Lifetime to Peru


Our family of five split up immediately on our arrival in Lima and the three adult children proceeded to Cuzco to start their 30 km trek along the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, leaving the oldsters behind to enjoy Peru’s capital city. Telling by the stories we heard 5 days later they had a magnificent journey, through rain, a 14,000 foot peak, and freezing cold at night while sleeping in tents under an open sky. But the ruins, the mountain vistas, and sunrise over Machu Picchu took away all the physical pain they might have felt. Marianne and I met up with the kids in Aguas Calientes, took a family tour of the magical ruins, then traveled through the sacred valley to take a flight to the Amazon basin where we saw caimans and macaws and tarantulas in abundance.

Boone_peru_villageOnward we traveled to Lake Titicaca to visit with the Uru people and witness ancient traditions where the only thing keeping us from the lake below was six feet of woven reeds that formed the floating islands on which they live.

Next on our journey was Colca Canyon to see the great condors drifting on the air currents rising thousands of feet from the canyon floor below. Our next stop was Arequipa, one of the oldest Spanish colonial cities in the Americas with a most beautiful convent and a grand cathedral, all with breath-taking views of the famous volcanoes surrounding the city.

Machu Picchu of course was the magnet that drew us to Peru but every one of us learned so much more about this remarkable country than we expected: its ancient pre-Inca civilizations, the indigenous wildlife, the impressive Quechua people and their heritage, and the many natural wonders of the Andes which stand alone in their glory.

Boones_Machu Picchu

Blanca Echeverria of course was the author of this wonderful journey who, by drawing on her deep knowledge of the country, seamlessly presented our family with an endless series of spectacular sights. The guides she chose were knowledgeable and articulate, and the hotels suited our needs perfectly. We got to see many “inside stories”, and at the end our family members were unanimous in our praise – best family trip ever!

The Boone Family, Thousand Oaks, CA


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  1. Avery
    December 22, 2022

    Loved reading this thhank you


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