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It was a Perfect Honeymoon!



Our trip was AMAZING!! we absolutely loved it, the staff was so kind and helpful and we had our every need taken care of. We loved that it was a couples resort that catered to creating a romantic atmosphere every turn you made. Loved all the variety of restaurants and activities available to do (when we weren’t being beach bums that is). It was a dream come true and couldn’t have asked for more! PERFECT!
Even got to swim with the turtles everyday that hung out towards the back of their private island. There is a patch of sea grass that they love to munch on daily (we found their cave) and I would recommend it to any snorkler or avid lover of turtles, you will be guaranteed to see and swim with the sea turtles if you stay at this resort:)
The Delta flight back was smooth, the first leg of the trip wasnt their fault that it was delayed, it was the weather’s fault, but the resort picked up on it right away and was available at the airport to pick us up when we got there late. no stress, no hassle, no worries, like I said…Perfect Honeymoon!
and the rain waited for us!! right as we got to the airport the skies opened up and started to pour,  we had perfect clear and sunny skies the whole week we were there. glowing from the inside out from our trip. Thank you Blanquita for helping make this dream come true for us. truly unforgettable experience and would recommend it to anyone!

Talia Morales & Gerald Weiss


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