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Great Time at Gravetye…and Beyond!


First I want to say what a fantastic time we had with every aspect of our vacationing experience through Town and Country Travel.

I have to say that I truly loved the dynamics of the people that were part of the group. Jane did a fantastic job putting this together.  She is so dedicated to making people happy.  This was our first trip with Town and Country and looking forward to more in the future.  Never for one minute did I feel like I didn’t fit in – I immediately connected with many of the people.  Everyone brought something to the group and made it complete.

I truly am in love with Gravetye Manor, I think it was an absolutely perfect start to a wonderful vacation.  It was a well-deserved transition that took us from our daily stresses to a tranquil and relaxing state of mind.  Then to include a game of croquet with people I never met before, was really the best ice breaker of all.  Not to forget the magnificent food that we all enjoyed, I do not remember every seeing a morsel left on anyone’s plate.  It was all just perfect!

We’ve never cruised before, so this was a new experience all in itself – which is something I would love to do again.  Too bad we are not available July 2017 for the Baltic cruise because we surely would have signed up for that.

People will always remember how you make them feel, and this vacation really made me feel fantastic.  I laughed and had a great time, made great friends that I look forward to keeping in touch with and seeing again on another vacation through Town and Country Travel.

Most importantly, I want to thank Jane for caring about everyone on the trip.  She is so gracious and I can truly respect all her hard work that is put into a vacation like this and without a hitch.  And not to forget Larry who was there with his camera capturing everything.  They did this all without losing their smiles.

Words could not express how grateful we both are to be part of this experience.  Way to go Jane!!!!  Please keep us in mind when and if you are ready to do a Safari or any other vacation.  God Bless!

Debbie & Greg May

Scottsdale, AZ


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