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Brilliance in the Baltic


Jeani and I had a wonderful time on our Baltic cruise, and the accommodations that Karla secured for us were outstanding.  The Lainston House in Winchester, UK was lovely and charming…a bit out of town, but a short taxi ride put us in the middle of Winchester.  This hotel looks like a nice destination by itself; many acres and no crowds.  The Nobis hotel in Stockholm was in a perfect location, near almost everything we wanted to see.  The hotel itself was very well appointed, and the service level was very high.  We have had Karla find us places to stay on several other trips, and she always comes up with winners.  We are so pleased with Karla that we had our friends from Washington state utilize her expertise securing their rooms, flights, and the 3 day private tour we had in St. Petersburg.  And what a 3 days it was; Esperance’s tour guide and driver were SO worth the expense, I’ll never hesitate to use them again if the trip warrants it.  Our guide was a Ph.D. in art history, and brought everywhere we visited to life with his vast knowledge and enthusiasm.

The rest of the trip was marvelous, as we expected, since this was our fifth Oceania cruise.  Fabulous food, over the top service, and professional crew members made our experience one to remember.

Mike & Jeani Dodd

Thousand Oaks, CA


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