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Consider Explora for a Unique Adventure


Dear Heidi,
Thank you so much for organizing this amazing trip – it is now one of our favorites.

The trip price was reasonable and you found an amazing Air deal on LATAM, and then made that one cancelled flight work out with a travel credit that we may use for our Amazon trip in Ecuador or Explora on Easter Island? More incentives to travel!

This was a trip we would never have imaged by ourselves – the linking two diverse and unique landscapes into one trip. The hiking expeditions were beyond all our expectations – the diversity of the terrain and views are experiences we treasure.
Without a doubt, the greatest feature of the Explora experience are the guides – knowledgeable, engaging, diverse, and interesting (Maki, and then Adal – the Astro-Physicist).

We would recommend Explora to anyone seeking a unique adventure. The package of accommodations, excursions, and staff were more than worth the effort to get there.

Thank you,
John & Amy


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