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We will Definitely use Town & Country for our Future Travels


We really enjoyed our trip with Insight and working with Town and Country Travel and Carolyn.  When we returned, we looked at other Insight and Tauck Italy trip itineraries and felt that the Italian Escapade trip, that we took, was thorough in covering the country of Italy.  We were very pleased with Insight.

We cannot say enough about the Insight Tour Director.  While in Rome Alan mentioned to the director, Chris, his desire to climb the Leaning Tower in Pisa.  Chris mentioned that there are only a few people permitted to do this each hour, and that the length of our stay in Pisa was short; so climbing the tower may not be possible.  Having heard this, we dismissed the idea.  On arrival at Pisa, Chris sought us out.  He had already checked on ticket availability, determined that a climb was possible, and pointed us in the right direction. As a result, Alan was able to climb the tower.

We will definitely use Carolyn and Town and Country for our future travels.  Carolyn was exceptional.  She answered all of our questions and provided needed guidance about the tour.  She is very knowledgeable about many destinations and will be a valuable resource to us in the future as we try to decide where to go and how to go.

Thanks to Town and Country for making our trip a memorable one.

Alan and Linda Pfeifer


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